What is 200 Percent?

100% Wine + 100% Music

Have you ever wondered what your wine sounds like?  Or what a melody might taste like?  Taken a sip of merlot and imagined dancing melodies…or listened to Debussy and imagined the swirling of wine in your glass…?

"These may sound fantastical and – okay I’ll say it – a bit crazy!  However, Professors at Oxford University in United Kingdom have released research results that confirm that what we hear affects how we taste.  So believe it or not, we are entering a new era of sensory experiences! Together with award-winning Hillside Winery in beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, we are creating a first-in-the-world “musical wine”, 200 percent!  The idea is simple: take a pure and beautifully balanced Naramata Bench Reserve Merlot Blend masterfully created by wine-maker Kathy Malone, add to that a scientifically & true-to-vintage composed original musical soundtrack for this wine, et viola!  The ultimate sensory experience."

- Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

The scientific "nouvelle vague" of providing sensory enhancement is a delightful breakthrough being put into practical use. What we hear and how it affects other senses is a proven concept, no longer a theory. As time progresses, you will find restaurants playing specific soundscapes to enhance the flavours presented.

For now, this is your opportunity to hear wine and taste music as you've never experienced before. Open the bottle, pour a glass, and play the program on the USB (it's hidden inside the cork on the centre bottle). Relax, sit back, and love it.